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Litmus A Freeman on being a free man / woman (not a person)

Podcast Ep.4

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Litmus A Freeman is a musician and a free man. He stepped out of the system and dives deep in this interview into what that actually means.

He shares with Robito how he stopped paying tax in order to stop supporting war, why he decided to live off grid without any digital technology, but also how some legal statutes and Big Tech applications can be used to actually benefit our freedom and why this is so important to consider when choosing to be free.

He explains his name change, his process of awakening, concepts like employment versus self-employment, why it is important to understand legalese and avoid using words like 'person,’ and shares why he doesn't use the Gregorian calendar.

Litmus A Freeman created and goes by his own universal celestial calendar based on ancient astrology, astronomy, and the cycles and seasons of the sun, the moon and the Earth.

He talks about the inspiration and purpose behind his music, and then he shares his advice for people struggling and feeling stuck in these uncertain times on how to be happy and how to be free.

Litmus A Freeman has several websites to explore. The first is his main website which contains all the links to his other projects, and then there is Project Freeman on being free, his Universal Celestial Calendar, his Wisdom Workouts and of course his music website where you will also find links to his music on bandcamp, Spotify, and many other popular platforms.

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